Magnolia Mountain

Magnolia Mountain is a blog site created by a close group of interested friends, most of whom meet at the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University.  Pretty much all the contributors dislike blogs as a whole, and so write blogs as though they were many articles.  Blogging can be a cathartic experience for the author, but the goal here is more the continued movement of the intellectual and creative life of the mind.  For this reason, the blogs here tend to take on an academic tone and often run several pages in length.  However, the life of the mind is not divorced from the rest of the person – so each blog should be infused with the experience, emotion, and care of each author.

The name comes from a favorite song of several of the authors.  The Mountain is American, earth but yet beyond time and falsehood, harsh and yet feels like home.  It seems like a nice place for weary friends to meet while they search for the truth.


Jesse S. Cone


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