Met. Jonah to ACNA

Says, the head of the OCA: “The Orthodox Church is not just the past of Anglicanism, it is the future.”

This might be the beginning of something great, or it might be one of those things history looks at and sees “what might have been”. What do you think the response is going to be? How does this come across to those not Orthodox or Anglican? Tell me what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Met. Jonah to ACNA

  1. I know that he was right when he said he’d upset everyone once. I know some of my more Romish Anglo-Caths were a bit miffed. But the anger on the evangelical Anglican boards is amazing. I wasn’t aware there was such a strain of Calvinism in American Anglicanism. Instead of waiting for a reunion, however, my wife and I (and presumably my 1 year old baby, but I haven’t heard from her yet) decided to just join the Orthodox Church. 🙂

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