Happy Name Day!

Yesterday the Pitsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl.   It was the feast day of safety Troy Polamalu’s patron saint, St. Tryphon.

Yeah, I was rooting for the Cardinals, yeah my dad bet me a dollar and I lost.  Kurt Warner is a great man and good football player, but I have to feel good about Troy Polamalu.  Few safety’s are as fun to watch, and few men are as excellent an example.


2 thoughts on “Happy Name Day!

  1. Yes, I took a dollar from my son, even though I was rooting for the Cards. Vegas was on my side, but I would have gladly paid if the team of Franco (“I’m-a-gonna run outa bounds before I get hit”) Harris would have lost. More importantly, it is refreshing to see a game that features men of deep faith and character, playing the game as it is meant to be played (a team sport), than to spend two weeks of hype on the preening individuals who so often steal the spotlight (i.e. T.O.).

  2. While I have always hated the Steelers, (Black and yellow being just a little too similar to black and orange for my taste) I can always feel good about the victory of a guy that looks like an exotic reject from an 80s glam rock band.

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