American Aristocracy

Despite what your opinion is of politics these days, you have to recognize that the past month has revealed the difference between certain people groups.  Namely, Mediawood and Rednecks.  It’s not news that Hollywood is the American equivalent of Aristocracy, but this rather infamous Matt Damon video takes the cultural divide to another level.

It is one thing to recognize a difference of values, worldview, or policy between culture groups, and a whole other thing for a privaledged people group to see themselves as the only ones fit to lead.  When I first saw this video I thought I saw Damon’s point – do we really want your average hockey mom leading the country due to a comedy of errors?  I remembered Peter Sellers’ Being There, where an idiotic gardener becomes a powerful political and cultural guru by uttering general truths about his gardener.  Not exactly how I want the election to be run.

Damon is obviously overlooking the blatant fact that Sarah Palin is not an average hockey mom – she’s an above average hockey mom.  But the issue isn’t “average” vs. “above average”, since pretty much anyone who excels in the political limelight is above average.  What’s wrong with hockey moms?  What’s wrong with gardeners?  Is it that they are uninformed? Is it that they aren’t capable decision makers?  Or is it that they are hockey moms?

Lest you think Damon is the lone celeb lashing out against Palin: Pam Anderson recently told her to “suck it”, and Lindsay Lohan called her a “narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe”.  What Damon reveals is the metropolitan conception that those who are not metropolitan are simple, uneducated, and altogether other to them.  Consequently they ignore such folk; adding the occasional ridicule.

What Mediawood seems to forget is that our country is not about rising from simple, rural roots to move to the enlightened metropolis, thus transcending the simple rural life; but about maintaining the simple rural life in the political arena. Such were our forefathers and our American heroes.  Better still, its something remarkably virtuous about this country.


4 thoughts on “American Aristocracy

  1. HELLOOO Matt Damon et al….go back to High School American History class and read some biographies of former great presidents (they probably don’t teach such things anymore, because clearly there are a couple of generations who are clueless about these stories). Ooooo, it just makes me so mad that these are the people who claim to be FOR the “folks”, and yet they mock, and truly detest the “folks”!!!! They are freaking out because the mere presence of Sarah Palin is now bringing their dirty little secrets out into the noonday sun (thank you mediawood). If they were as brilliant as they think they are…they would shut the heck up and embrace her success too!!! Another truth revealed….she is smarter than they are!!

    I think Sarah Palin has this wonderful sort of Reaganesque (and more) quality about her that makes me think “wow, she’s just like me”….but at the same time knowing that she’s clearly not. Maybe that is it, though she is far brighter than the average Josephine, she has the ability to give plain old people like me, hope that perhaps we too can do better things.

  2. What bothers me most is the blatant hipocracy of these people in that they are repulsed by people with strong traditional values. What they demonstrate is that they have equally strong un-traditional values. The hipocracy happens when we are accused of being closed-minded and bigoted, yet they are the ones gushing out invectives.

  3. It’s one thing to call a disagreement for what it is, and to claim to be right. But us “ignorant” folksy types are “not even wrong”, because we’re not even enlightened enough in their eyes for them to disagree with.

    Yet there is something worse that this hubristic defiance to engage us in dialog; and that’s what the reaction towards those they don’t view as their peers reveals about their character. If we are just the ignorant little child asking worthless questions, then their response is worse than a spoiled, immature, and reactive sibling: characterized by spiteful and malicious ad hoc shots. There is a way to handle people who have “missed it”, and it is with love and patience, not mockery and derision.

    Heaven forbid I treat my highschoolers this way when they say horribly ignorant and pretentious things, even when they naively condone evil opinions and behavior. The only right way to respond is with love, and this shows us that Mediawood doesn’t have love towards those who aren’t in their social group – despite what they claim.

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