Counter-Productive Counter-Racism

When I first heard this story I was working at school. I told my students, and they laughed at the situation; calling it bizzare. I told the teachers and they chuckled sadly, because the reality of this story is rather sad. In reality, this sort of behavior is debilitating.

This story is a prime example of taking a stand for something to the point of being counter-productive for your cause. Whenever Christians do something like this (say about media or movies) they get jeered at, called ignorant, and place an obstacle in front of the eyes of those looking into Christianity. They hurt their own cause; they damage the place of their cause in marketplace of ideas.

I’m not one to woos out about what I believe religiously. But when I’m around a table with a bunch of men with a task at hand, I suffer ignorant, false, and offensive statements about my Church and my God.

Are these men ignorant, stubborn, self-involved? What do they hope to gain by this absurd behavior? Do they take themselves seriously, or are they grandstanding in order to make a point?


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