Wall-E Gets Conservative Thumbs Up

I’ve been very interested in Wall-E, first because I love Pixar and second because I heard that the movie starts off with 45 minutes without dialog.  Then I began to hear the rave reviews: that its a legit sci-fi movie despite its kiddish demographic, and that it has a chance to win the Best Picture Oscar despite its G-rating.

Then I saw this on Crunchy Con (though I stopped reading at the spoiler alert):

Took the kids to see “Wall-E” the other night. I expected a quality kid’s movie (this is Pixar, which sets the standard in these matters), and that I certainly got, though my eight year old enjoyed it much more than my four year old, I sense. What I didn’t expect, what I wouldn’t in a million years have expected, is a Pixar film that embodies a traditionalist conservative critique of modernity, one that advocates a more or less Aristotelian view of humanity and politics. Philosophically, this is one of the most subversive movies I’ve ever seen. Crunchy cons, this movie is for us.

I’m going to talk about it in detail after the jump. If you want to avoid spoilers, don’t read on. But I hope you will read on, because this movie is really, really smart, and I find myself deeply irritated (but not, alas, surprised) at the conservative viewers who see in it nothing more than “propaganda” for the environment. “Wall-E” is galaxies more sophisticated than that, and the message is one that is ultimately conservative, though the kind of conservatism I espouse in “Crunchy Cons,” not the kind dominating the mainstream today (and for that matter, if you’re the kind of liberal who likes reading this blog for positive reasons, as opposed to getting laffs from the crackhead conservatism on display, you’re going to love “Wall-E” too).


3 thoughts on “Wall-E Gets Conservative Thumbs Up

  1. Alex and I saw it last week, and I was “forwarned” a bit about the “environmental propaganda” thing, but that is not at all the message that we came away with! I totally agree with Rod! We loved the film.

  2. Totally agree! If there was any “environmental propaganda” it was kept within the bounds of what I think most conservatives would agree with (i.e. not really propaganda). But “E.P” was not what this movie was about; it did have some interesting things to say about modern man(kind).

    Also, I loved that it starred some lesser characters & songs from a great musical throughout (they don’t identify it in the film, so I won’t identify it here. props if you know what it is, though)…in fact it starts with dialogue from the musical and I was wondering how many people in the theater besides my mother and i knew where it came from. By the end I realised that was one of their points; i think (hope) it drives home one of the points of the film to the audience.

  3. If you come away from Wall-E thinking of it as an evironmentalist propganda film, then you just wasted $10 — because you didn’t see the movie at all.

    It was kind of Pixar to use robots as the most emotionally powerful characters — I think way too many people would have involuntarily teared up if the true message of the film hadn’t been thinly veiled behind bolts and servos.

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