Oh boy, fasten your seatbelt.

From the director of Borat comes a new documentary about the insanity of religious folk: and it seems to center largely on Christianity. Interestingly, Bill Maher sees the issue being about the foolishness of faith. The second clip has him talking about the virtue of epistemological skepticism.

“The topic of religion is just so inherently funny.”


3 thoughts on “Religulous

  1. I like how often he looks at LK for affirmation after he lambasts faith.

    “Michael Moore is a genius.”
    -’nuff said

  2. Steve Berg the former Jew for Jesus looked like he was in an Orthodox bookstore. His name sounds very familiar too. Wasn’t there some big Jew for Jesus that converted to Orthodoxy recently (last 10-15 years?)?

    Despite this movie’s irreverence I may want to see it. He is pointing out a lot of things in Religion that initially left me un-satisfied.

  3. wow….that made my day. it was hilarious! i should probably be insulted…but the music and the editing were priceless. it was actually well put together. i have to say i was impressed. =)

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