University of Dallas: A City on a Hill?

When I first arrived in Dallas and told parishoners at the cathedral that I was attending UD, the responses I got was very favorable.  One friend told me that he has been “breathing second-hand smoke from UD for decades; and it is all been good.”  Thus far my experience has been quite good; both academically and as a Christian who is concerned for the work of the Kingdom.  There are few places that let you think rigorously about you field and talk about serving God with you life and obeying the Bible.  UD is one of those places.  In my short time here I can see that it is a great blessing to the Dallas area.

But then there is this.  Even in this school, one of the few bastions of conservative Christian thinking, an internal war is raging.  At the same time I am reading this article I am being told of another true Universtiy whose students’ behavior is suddenly taking an ugly turn for the worse, and whose faculty are unsure about possible changes in direction.

Pray for our Christian Universities, especially since they function as a beacon light to the world that burns brighter and more true than most churches and parishes.  But that’s a conversation for another day…


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