Lenten thoughts by + JOSEPH

This week on the Illumined is an interview with my old bishop, His Grace JOSEPH.  They’re talking about why the Church provides us with Great Lent, and what this means for us on a personal level. 

 To quote:

“Depression is a form of laziness because it is a realization of one’s powerlessness without turning to God. People who surpress their passions and negative experiences end up exploding with repressed sins; just read the newspaper if you want examples… in order to heal we have to go through laziness and powerlessness and depression and feelings of defeat in our lives, and finally God with give us the strength to get up again.”

“The eslavement in Christ is our freedom.”

 I would be interested to hear if people thought that his explanation of salvation towards the end of the broadcast satisfies the Protestant anxiety that Kevin expressed.


2 thoughts on “Lenten thoughts by + JOSEPH

  1. This is my short answer. To be honest, no I don’t think it does. I was bummed it wasn’t more in depth. Oh well….you and kel are missed!

  2. I too didn’t think that he answered it well; and I think the reason is that the anxiety that Kevin expressed is foreign to him… and I think that is a very good thing. It seems that this sense of “eternal insecurity” appears a lot in Protestantism, but not much elsewhere.

    If Lent was a special vacation with my wife – a time set aside for us to enjoy intamacy – there would be ways that we would both need to behave. But I would be misguided to think that watching “Sports Center” instead of listening to her (a bad thing for me to do) would nullify our marriage bond and that her leaving me was immanent.

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