This is not Christian

While sporadically working on a post about why it is reasonable to come to the Church to find Christ, I read Rod Dreher’s blog on this sorry excuse for a Christian community. Note that the web address is “”.  This way is the path to damnation.  No serious Christian should tolerate this idolatrous masquerade that is separating people from Christ and putting them in delusion.

I have to disagree with Dreher on one point however; Dreher doesn’t believe that this should be taken very seriously.   To quote:

How on earth do people persuade themselves of such patent nonsense? The only Christianity truly failing in the world today is the kind of rationalist Christianity favored by liberal Western Christians, whose churches are dying. In fact, Pentecostalism, which is explicitly anti-rational is sweeping the world. No need to feel threatened by the Rev. Gretta and her Spong-y gang. There is no there there. She’s just playing church 

I would agree with him if West Hill United “Church” was an isolated event.  Sadly it is not.  Protestantism evolves with every generation, and it has already begun to morph into more subtle forms of this monstrosity.  This in turn has left thoughtful Protestants with a choice – and it was this pushed me towards Orthodoxy – do I succumb to “popular monotheism” or find a tradition that is stable?  Is it about community or Christ?  How did these two options become so distanced?  If Protestants wanted to stop losing their young’uns to Orthodoxy and Rome, they would immediately spend their time dealing with the Emergent church.

 I think that + BASIL was right to say that this is the insidious heresy of our generation.  Lord have mercy.


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