Clean Monday

May God grant you a blessed fast.  A hymn for today:

This is the first day of the Fast.
For you, soul, let it be the setting aside of sin,
the return to God; to life with Him.
Flee from the abyss of evil.
Love only those ways which lead to peace,
resting before and within God.

Having been tempted by foul thoughts,
I have sinned in the flesh,
but yet I cry out: Save me, Lord;
save me, only gracious One.
Do not condemn me to the fires of Gehenna,
though I am fully worthy of such condemnation.

Clothed with the radiant garments of the Fast,
let us shed the dark and grevious garments of debauchery,
so that, illumined by divine good works,
we may behold in faith the radiant Passion of the Savior.


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