Had to Do it…

I’m leeching again from Rod Dreher’s Crunchy Con blog, but I just had to link to this bizarre video for this church. Michael, I know you already scored a major babe, but don’t you still want to check this place out?


3 thoughts on “Had to Do it…

  1. I’m… stunned…

    I think I missed the first ten seconds or so being distracted by the dude’s hairless chest shining at us through that awful and creepy v-neck whatever-it-was.

    But once I started listening… oh yeah, I’m definitely going! Why am I wasting my time with the medicine of immortality when I could be successfully fueling my earthly passions?!

  2. this is just completely unfair. it has been removed. you just cannot build something up like that, have Michael comment on it and then leave me hanging!

    going off to pout somewhere…

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