Happy Reformation Day!

No, I’m not being satirical – I hope you have a nice day. And I pray that the Reformation finally comes to the end of its several- century journey at its true home, The Church. Maybe then Christ-loving and Godly people can stop identifying themselves by what they protest, and enjoy the hospital where they are truly “formed.” At a certain Catholic school I know of it is common to hear the view that the “Reformation” is a logically impossible, as they are jettisoning not only the means of the formation (their bishop’s church) but also the possibility of a this-worldly formation into holiness, since the divine laws are not meant to be followed but to be failed at.

Of course this is a misunderstanding of the first intentions and purposeful oversight of the circumstances of the Reformation, a movement that became something entirely other than it meant to be when Luther walked up to those dreadful doors with those fateful nails. Many a Catholic would do well to remember this, and many a Protestant would be better of it they recalled the true events surrounding Reformation Day.

May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all.


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